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Emrah Celikel: Why we must pay this money to AFFA?

After AFFA decisions, one more club in first league raised financial questions, which mayprevent team to play in the next season. It is Karabakh. Team manager Emrah Celikel expressed his opinion about future season of Two times Azerbaijani Champion.

”If I was the club president, I didn’t let my club go to Championship with this conditions. Karabakh is the native club for refugees. Since 2001 year we do everything for the club. When UEFA disqualified Azerbaijani Football we have done everything for the club not to collapsed. We payed footballers and coaches salary in time”.

As he thinks AFFA must work in the name of Azerbaijani Football progress.“Clearly, that AFFA needs finances.But not so much. In the next season for one application Karabakh must pay 490 000 AZN. For president, manager and two internationals – 200 000 AZN, for head coach – 50 000 AZN, for seven internationals – 140 000 AZN and for twenty local players – 100 000 AZN.

Celikel wonder why Karabakh must pay to AFFA 490 000 AZN. “We may help to many refugees. I can’t explain it to president. I don’t say that club haven’t money. But I don’t understand why we must pay this money to AFFA? Football Association don’t explain where they will spend our monney?