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`Qarabagh` will take benefit of this system

He is a legend of Turkish coach system. Working with `Besiktas` he made greatest present to Turkish football with such wonderful players as Ali, Okan, Emra, Feyyaz etc. So he came to `Qarabagh` with great ambitions. He would like construct sunch system make `Qarabagh` a machine growing talented players. He believes that what he is doing. `Qarabagh` has enough potensial making great system. Executive committee of `Qarabagh` shows its goal about future glorious country football.  I came the first time 5 years ago to Azerbaijan. Bu that time conditions was not able to make a system. But just now   everything is going to perfect. I believe that in nearest future `Qarabagh` will be as `Galatasaray` and `Besiktas` taking of benefit  and crop surely.`- he said.