Qarabağ TV

We tried and held preparation after the game.

Team recovered after match with Iraq?
We tried and held preparation after the game.

Only 10 footballers took part in this training. It was footballers who didn’t play and footballers who played not all match with Iraq.
We gave opportunity to rest for first squad players. Samir Abbasov, Vagif Javadov and Maksim Medvedev didn’t play in first match because of injury. They need to make their shape better with Fabio and Zeynalov. They have to be ready for tomorrow’s game.

These players will play from the first minutes tomorrow?
I don’t want to risk – if they be ready, yes.

Do you plan to check up all footballers who came here?
I don’t remember who was in reserve in first match. The main thing is who will play in first squad tomorrow and condition of players which didn’t play. I want to score the goal.

Did you talk with Czechs about tomorrow’s game?
Everybody knows that Germans and Czechs are friends. Everybody wants to win this tournament. It is good for us to play with Czech before qualifying cycle of Euro-2012. It is very strong team.

You have won Czech in 1996…
But in 1976 I lost by penalty. I remember it.

You became more sociable with press last time. Did you use to local journalist for two years?
No, you need two years to use to German coach.