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Mehmet Binnet visited `Qarabagh`

The world famous doctor from brotherly Turkey Mehmet Binnet, living in Turkey often visits the Central Clinical City hospital of Baku where to impart experience and also his native `Qarabagh` Football Club.

At visit on base of the doctor the head coach of "Karabagh" and Gurban Gurbanov and Hamdi Serpil Tjuzin – the head coach and the co-ordinator of children's football at "Karabagh"  have met him.

At conversation with Gurbanov doctor Binnet has noticed that tries at possibility always to watch for game of our command, and has especially noted that "Karabagh" s succeses in Euroleague has very much pleased him.

At a friendly chat Doctor Binnet has still noticed that tries not to pass any match of "Karabagh" and, but sometimes it it is impossible and then so he askes his mothers about results.

Its favourite mother`s who on the Azerbaijan television channels watches every day all events occurring in Azerbaijan comes to the help and including looks sports broadcasts and transfers it sports information, for what Doctor Binnet is grateful to her.

Together with Doctor Binnet the base was visited by the Head of department of Orthopedy and traumatology Doctor Elgiz Kasumov. He talked to football players who were traumatised and has given corresponding advice.

Doctor Binnet at a meeting and conversation with football players, showed on how many it well knows a position of each football player of our command.

This meeting has impressed favourably the present. Still we were pleased with that at the general survey of football players no serious damages and traumas existing.