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Gurbanov and Javadov are the best of the year 2009

Yesterday the prizes were presented according the results of referendum that the paper “KomandA” spent. The paper which chose the best footballer and the best main trainer of 2009 year rewarded with the cup the main trainer of “Karabakh” Gurban Gurbanov and the attacker Vagif Javadov of the representative of Agdam. To the presentation that was spent in the tea house “Mugan” by “KomandA” approximately all members of press were connected. The developed papers, sites and TV channels were in this ceremony and these guests were invited to the tea.

The main editor of the paper “KpmandA” Rashad Ergun opened the ceremony with the introductory speech, welcomed all guests and thanked all of them. After the information of the leader of the paper about the spending of the referendum, about its results and the rules of its spending the main trainer and the attacker of “Karabach” spoke. Both of the representatives of football thanked the members of the press and the members of editorship of the paper “KomandA” who considered them worthy to this reward and said that they were satisfied of getting such as high status. Then the winners who were answering to the questions of the journalists had a sincere talking at the same tea table with the members of the press. We’ll add that the paper “KomandA” the referendum of the best footballer and the trainer spent only among journalists of sport.