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`Qarabagh` Azerbaijan - `Anji` Russia 1:0

`Qarabagh` Football Club held its first  friendly match during camping in Antalya, Turkey. Playing with Russian `Anji` coach Gurban Gurbanov gave achance for first `eleven` as follows: Ferhad, Resad Sadixov, Teli, Maxim, Elnur, Aslan, Emin, Resad, Efran,  Borut Semler, Rauf.

During first halg both team gave a chance for main teams as it were more attractive football but second. Specially Rauf`s 3 moments, Teli`s and Resahd`s shoots was mentionable.

Second time coach changed all teams but Reshads stay on the field. At last `Qarabagh` scored. After wonderful pass of Fyodorov Rauf who entered the next time to game bring victory for `Qarabagh`.

So in the first friendly game `Qarabagh` could win the game.

You can see photos of the game in photogallery.