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Aslan Kerimov:` We would like to win last 4 games`

 `Qarabagh`s defeat in the last  game disappointed everybody. Team being were defeated in the Aghdam in 18 year(s)'s Legendary captain Aslan Kerimov would be to know thinking about). 37 adults universal football-player to (the) defeat in the explanation gave our site and he has spoken about forthcoming plays of the team:`Qarabagh` spirit always fighting) as `like drake has been. Of course, in `6`part of leaugue results not at all results whereas  we wanted can get. Naturally, there is definite causes in this. We must look for first of all mistake in ourselves. Chance had fallen out in the some games from us, too. He put playing national of the 9 football-players are pride for us. To play national always gives addition stimulus to football-player. But football-players of long ways tired as long camping this part of season in addition. But there is excellent collective in our team. They have not over-emphasize this anytime football-players. Everybody fights for one by one as drake in the square. There are our excellent collective in the edge from square, too. Naturally, failure disappoints everybod. But I believe that thanks to our unity we will get euro cups willing. We will occur for this purpose remainder for to gain victory in 4 plays. This team passed two tour in eoruleague beginning of the football season.`