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Karabakh football team to fulfill its ranks with one of best shooters of Azeri championship (TREND, 04.02.2006)
Karabakh football team signed contracts with Georgian legionaries on the eve of the second round of the national championship. The new players of the team are twins Irakliy and Goga Beraya, earlier played for Ganja, Trend reports. Acquisition of these football-players is able to solve the problems of the team in attack, taking into consideration that Beraya is one of the best shooters of the championship, who scored 8 goals. Karabakh will also admit two more players of Ganja in the person of Azer Mammadov, as well as Russian Sergey Sokolov. It is not excluded that the team may be fulfilled with playmaker of Turan Asen Nikolov from Bulgaria. It should be mentioned that Karabakh will be led by Boyukagha Agayev instead of Elkhan Abdullayev at the second round of the national championship.