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Surely it is really derby. 5:5

Surely it is really derby.  Last 10 games and without draw. `Qarabagh` - `Khazar-Lankaran` fascinating quarrel games from 2004.

Season of 2004-2005 first game was favors of `Qarabagh`. 3:1. Bur revenge game south club was over 3:0.

2005-2006 was equal for victory. First fame `Qarabagh` the next game opponent take revenge after 2:1 to 2:0

But in 2006-2007 both game won Lankaran team 2:0 and 4:1.

2007-2008 season first game was for `Khazar-Lankaran` their home field 2:0. But `Qarabagh took its victory 2:0 in Baky.

And last season. Fantastic game in Lankaran and `Qarabagh` took its first game away, 3:1. The next match passed in history as a first triumph in Quzanli. Only goal was by  Artim Shakiri at last part og game. So we see `Qarabagh` last 3 games. It is time for 4-th.