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Socre but alas, after 15 monthes and again

`Qarabagh` lost to `Inter` at X tour of championship.  We tried much for changing fate of game, but alas. Asi if we could not use our chances as rival did it in second time. Though, Resad Sadiqov scored first time in Qarabagh it was not enough for point.

The next important point was about that if Qarabagh scored it will never lost game since 23 August of last year. We lost same in Shafa, score 2:1.

It is characteristc point about Qarabagh if it score never lost. Till last fact we also showed that in football season 2006-2007 we lost `kazar-Lankaran` 4:1 when only scored for us Kenan Kerimov. So it was 15 monthes that we kept serial.

What will be future? We will see...